Ruth Teerlynck (1983, Bruges, Belgium) is a passionate underwater photographer. Diving since she was 15 years old and studying marine biology, she has a heart for the ocean. She is fascinated by the underwater world and wants to make this hidden world visible for everybody.  Through story telling she wants to educate and make people aware of the underwater beauty so that the oceans and all life in them can be protected. 

She mainly specializes in underwater photography but occasionally makes a detour to macro photography, travel photography and nature photography. Together with her husband she takes a new step in further professionalizing her hobby. 


  • UW camera: Olympus TG6 and Olympus Pen-EPL5
  • Lenses: macro Olympus 30mm for the Pen-EPL5
  • Housing: standard Olympus housings
  • Flash: 2 x Sea&Sea YS-01
  • Focus light: Weefine 2300
  • Land camera: Nikon D5600
  • Lenses: Yongnuo 50 mm, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-105 mm

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